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Here is some progress on Chatelaine’s Rainforest Quilt. I’ve completed most of the two butterflies in blocks 4 and 5.Both butterflies need some backstitching.


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Uncommon ScissorsI found these really neat scissors of a sea horse from Uncommon Scissors for $22.00. They also have butterfly, swan, smiling cat, and squirrel scissors for $22.00. These scissors have sharp points and work beautifully. I’ve been using them for the last few days while working on my Double Dutch Sampler. I’ve finished page 1 — only 8 more to go. You can see my progress on three of my BAP’s.

Double Dutch Sampler Week 3 Mysterm 10 Part 7 almost completed Pompeji Gardens

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Lesser Flamingos, Ngorongoro Crater, TanzaniaI bet when you see a flamingo you think of lush tropical islands, hammocks, and
piña coladas. Well I hate to put a damper on your pool decorations, but this portrayal is absolutely false. Flamingos inhabit some of the most harsh environments in the world – shallow hypersaline lakes (that means very salty, but not the pool chlorine kind).

Of course everyone knows flamingos are pink! A white flamingo is a very sick bird because that means it hasn’t been eatting flamingo-good-for-you foods containing the source of the pink pigment – shrimp and blue-green algae. In fact, in terms of attracting the ladies, the pinker males get the better mates. Tell that you your husband or significant other the next time you buy him a pink shirt or tie.

I stitched a flamingo ornament over the weekend. No picture yet as I don’t have all the specialty threads I need to finish it. Instead, here a picture from Wikipedia (in the public domain). Since not many species can live in super salty lakes, you can see thousands of flamingos in the right places. In the distance they look like a pink haze on the horizon.

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I decided to move my blog to WordPress, to see how well I like them. So far I do.

Here is my progress on the PS Sampler SAL.

Prairie Schooler Sampler SAL

And I finished Blackbird Designs House on Acorn Hill –

House on Acorn Hill

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